Lilac status update

Hi @maintainers! This is an update on the upcoming Lilac upgrade. The new release is scheduled for June 9th – that’s Wednesday! We don’t have to produce a Tutor release on that same day, but I like to release Tutor as soon as possible after the new release is tagged. So I’d like to publish Tutor v12 before the end of the week.

There is still a little bit of work to do. Here’s the current status for the various components:

Main project

  • :white_check_mark: Tutor (PR): I keep making small changes here and there as I discover new things during the upgrade process.


The tutor-figures plugin was deprecated some time ago, due to lack of upstream support.

In addition to these officially supported plugins, we should expect to get support of safe Python-evaluated inputs in Lilac, thanks to a Tutor plugin currently in development at eduNEXT: GitHub - eduNEXT/codejailservice This might not land in time for Lilac, but I think it’s perfectly fine since Python-evaluated inputs are no longer a security issue in Koa.

Extra components


Good news! :sweat_smile: The open-release/lilac.1 tag will actually be created tomorrow so that we can release Tutor on Wednesday and be included in the official release announcement. This means that we need to get all these PRs above merged tomorrow.

@maintainers can you please review the above PRs before tomorrow?

I can review the tutor-mfe PR but not today. I can do it first thing tomorrow morning.

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That would be great. This MFE plugin could definitely use some proof-reading.

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