Lets Encrypt - All Recent SSL Certificates Revoked, how to force renewal?


SSL Certificates were revoked for recently setup ones. This includes my SSL cert setup by tutor/caddy last month.

The certificate is now revoked - is there a way to force tutor to renew it now?


(Visiting either domain gives me SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE)

Fixed - this is a bug with Caddy not automatically renewing revoked certs.

I followed solution by sasmil3 in this thread and removed all certs & files from the subfolders for each domain in:


(after stopping tutor with “tutor local stop” of course!)

I then restarted tutor (tutor local start) and caddy picked up the missing certs and re-issued them.

See also this conversation: Lets’ Encrypt revoked certificate! Did anyone experience this?

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