K8s deployment vs Statefulsets

Hi , I have few questions related to k8s deployment of tutor. Although I have successfully deploy tutor locally without k8s. on k8s they are few issues, such as why are we using Kind: Deployment instead of StatefulSets. Isn’t it easy to use Statefulsets.
Secondly why do we have only PVC and not PV defined in yaml files. I think they should be defined separately so that if we want to change there type we should be able to do it.
And lastly can you please provide a example how to customize the Kustimization.yml file using env-custom folder. since I have tried using different files but wasn’t successful.

I am not sure what advantages StatefulSet would bring to the table (but that may be due to my poor knowledge of Kubernetes). If I understand correctly, the main advantage of StatefulSets is to be able to provide unique persistent volume claims to each pod (source). But In Tutor K8s, there is no shared volume between containers. App containers store their data in MinIO-backed object storage.

Can you describe more precisely what you are trying to achieve? What advantage would a PV have over a PVC?

You should create a Tutor plugin that implements the “kustomization-resources” patch and point to resources from your plugin. I have never actually done this myself so I cannot really provide further details. I would be interested in your feedback, though!

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