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I am running Juniper version with a 3rd party application which define several periodic tasks.

I’ve checked the log files for lms/cms-worker container and the tasks are not executed anywhere.

What configuration / setup I should do to run @periodic_task one of the workers container.

Currently, LMS/CMS single time background tasks are executed properly (e.g. sending emails) in corresponded worker containers.

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Possible solution is to start “celery beat” inside the worker by passing parameter “-B” → Celery Periodic Tasks Docs

So, I’ve modify command line in docker-compose.yml for “lms-worker” to be:
command: celery worker -B ....

An alternative is to start another container only for beat with similar command to worker:
`command: celery beat …"

I think it will be nice if a solution is included in next Tutor release (with confirmation option)

Hope this will be helpful
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