Issues with watchthemes in development mode

I have been trying to make updates on my theme lately using tutor dev, but for some reason when I run tutor dev run watchthemes the updates that I save on my theme are not being picked up, has anyone had this issue?

It used to work before properly but I restarted my host and after starting all the containers again it stopped working…

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @diegoarias94! Good to see you here :slight_smile: Have you managed to resolve your issue? I see no reason why theme reloading would stop working. Could you give us more details about how you are running your development platform?

Hello! Yeah I actually figured it out, everything was working properly but I was editing the homepage content modifying the index.html file and I think there is a 3 minute cache of this file even running in development. Im not sure if this is intended or not, I thought that cache on the homepage was only when running in production mode, so I thought watchthemes was not working but it was just that! Thanks anyways!

Indeed! I believe that the home page is cached for anonymous users, even in development. I seriously hate this cache, it has caused me lots of frustration.

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