Issue in adding a partner in Discovery Openedx

Hi All,

I am using tutor i wanted to enable discovery with Tutor I am using tutor 14 version. I am facing issue while creating a partner account in Discovery admin. But i am getting error of Partner site is already exits error for my site ((discovery.xxxx )). For your reference i am adding image with error. I have few sites in my sites section ( All are not working for creating a new account in partner account)

Sorry Guys i am new to this community that’s why i have also posted the same question here and please help me to choose which discussion forum for discussions
for your reference i am attaching link of Openedx Discussion forum here

Hi @ParvinKumar

tutor by default gives you two partner data in the admin you can check here

Also can you please specify what work do you need with partner

thank you very much @smit

Is there any documentation for discovery you can share please i know i am requesting too much.

i had followed the official documentation other than that i am afraid i didn’t have any
official documentation

I have no words to express my gratitude toward this community and specially you for your help @smit .