Is it possible to change the calendar from Gregorian to something else?

The calendars of many people in different parts of the world are local and specific to that place. Is it possible to personalize the calendar (for courses) and change it to Chinese/Hijri(My case)/etc?

Hi @perpi! I have absolutely no idea. Calendars are used in many different places in Open edX, and I guess there will be different solutions depending on where you will change to change the calendar.
If you do find a solution, please post it here!

Isn’t open edX using MomentJs? If yes, I think locals are suported somehow.

on where

Everywhere! Wherever the user encounters the calendar! For a functional localization, it is necessary to convert all dates to the local/national calendar used by the user.

No more idea? Does anybody knows how to switch the calendar in all part of the openedx client for students and teachers?

As a developer, I have no idea what you mean by “all parts of the openedx client”. I know that you mean “everywhere”, but I don’t know where that is because I don’t know where a calendar is used. And even if I did know one place, I could maybe provide a solution for that place, but it might not work for you because you might have another place in mind.

So, could you please share a screenshot and a url of a page where you would like to see the change? Also, for locale ignorants (like me), what is a Hijiri calendar?

Here’s a sample from


what is a Hijiri calendar?

It’s a local calendar in use in most of Arabic countries. You can take a look at here:

For example, 4 Nov 2020 should be 18 Rabi-ul-Awal 1442 (indeed in arabic words: ۱۸, ربیع‌الاول ,۱۴۴۲)

- Another place:

I think what you are trying to achieve is possible (everything is, after all), but it would require considerable effort.

Well, I can’t cope it technically! Where can I create a feature-request ticket? I couldn’t find any ‘issues’ section in, seems it’s not open for all!

I would suggest you make a post on the official Open edX forums:

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As a reference for future users: