Is comprehensive theming enabled by default in a virgin install of Tutor?

I want to modify the indigo theme, and the openedx instructions on theming say that comprehensive theming must be enabled “For each Open edX component that you want to theme”.

How do I know that comprehensive theming is enabled in any of the openedx containers that are running? tutor’s config.yml does not include the option by default. I connected to the containers and the configuration files referred in the above doc (lms.yml, studio.yml, and ecommerce.yml) don’t exist, so I don’t know how to check if the option is enabled in any of the running containers.

How can I figure out if comprehensive theming is enabled?

I’m running tutor version 12.1.3, lilac

Comprehensive theming is enabled by default in Tutor: tutor/lms.env.json at 0a8d92f8d41446c619a4d51c53827b3061c92ae5 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

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