Introducing the Credentials plugin

Hello all, I created a Tutor plugin for the Credentials application for open-release/maple.3, located here:

Please note that I’d found this existing project – – but it seems to be abandoned and so I created a new project using

Pull requests are welcome :smiley:

Hey @lpm0073! In investigating MFEs to include in tutor-mfe for Olive, I found that one of them (frontend-app-learner-record) depends on credentials, which brought me here. :slight_smile:

To get straight to the point, what’s the current state of your credentials plugin? Would you say it’s Olive-ready? If so, we could consider including the Learner Record MFE, either as its own plugin or as part of tutor-mfe.

Hello! It’s very close, but no. I need to add a job for setting up oauth. Very simple, just haven’t gotten around to it. What’s your timing? I could take care of it later this week if that’d work for you?