Integration with the Richie learning portal

The tutor-richie plugin is here! :partying_face: GitHub - overhangio/tutor-richie: Tutor plugin for integration of Open edX with a Richie course catalog

Richie is an open source course catalog and learning portal developed by France Université Numérique (FUN, It was designed to integrate with multiple LMS, including Open edX. However, until recently there was little documentation on how to integrate Richie with Open edX (see this issue). FUN decided to sponsor the development of a Tutor plugin to seamlessly integrate Richie with Tutor. Thank you FUN!

Running Richie with Tutor is now as simple as running:

pip install tutor-richie
tutor plugins enable richie
tutor local quickstart

The Richie plugin was designed to be compatible with the latest release of Lilac (v12+).

If you have questions about Richie, please get in touch with the team by opening an issue on the GitHub project: Issues · openfun/richie · GitHub

To report an issue that is specific to the Tutor plugin, as usual, follow the troubleshooting docs :slight_smile:

Happy hacking!