Installation on production mode

i install open edx with production mode on vps server (contabo) i point the domain name to the ip address , the installation finished successfully , but i can’t access with url of my domain
please i need help

My be these checklist, can help you to find the problem:

  • If you try just your Host IP on browser (not domainname), can you see LMS side ? if YES,
  • Did you configured and pointed your host provider(contabo), to the your Domain name provider ?(Namecheap, Go Daddy etc.) Like this below


if YES

when i try my ip address , i can’t see any thing(neither lms or cms) .
my host provider (contabo) is pointed to the domain name provider , the response of yhe third question is no

If you added your custom DNS values to your domain provider. like this

On your Contabo Control panel/DNS Zone Management / create new zone:
Add your domain name and target IP( your VPS server IP) click create… After that
Add a new resource record (A record)

name : studio ## (leave the others default)
data : your server IP ## than click create record

Add one more for Preview and for your other subdomains if you have like this (minio, discovery, ecommerce etc.)

$ tutor local quickstart ## add your custom domain and subdomains

God Luck!

@qali, i do what you advice me , the lms is working but the studio does not working , i add the record studio in the domain zone management , but it is not working
thank you if you can help me more

That’s good you getting your LMS which is your domain name. I believe you forgot “preview” ? So, you should edit your DNS zone and add a A record
name : preview
data : your IP
Leave the others default and save… Needless to say your studio subdomain must be exactly same in your config.yml file (which you choose after tutor local quickstart)
Please try it again.

hi @qali i configured my dns zone with the same way you configured yours , but the studio doesn’t work .
in the browser i get this massege : ’s server IP address could not be found.


and when i ping the cms host with terminal i get this massege :
Name or service not known

It’s difficult to see and debug from your side. If you configured right, both Domain provider side, and Contabo, and you can see your LMS it’s should work. => your LMS_HOST => preview Subdomin => your CMS_HOST

Don’t use any dot, period like this (studio.) when you editing DNS zone.

And reboot server, after that try

$ tutor local quickstart

Are there any errors showing up inside your server in regards to the CMS ( Did you check the CMS logs?

tutor local logs --follow cms

thanks all of you specially @qali , it’s work now

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