Indigo, a new Open edX theme

We just released Indigo, a cool blue, customizable theme for Open edX:

Of course, this theme is very easy to install with Tutor – provided you are running v3.11.1, which was released minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If there is interest from the community, it’s quite possible that this theme will become bundled with the default openedx docker image that ships with tutor.

Let me know what you think!


I could successfully installed “indigo” theme on a production instance using the guide described in the link above but have noticed that every time I run tutor local start -d I get error 500 internal server and have to stop tutor using tutor local stop and run again tutor local start without -d. The error then gone.
This has happened every time (about 5 times) I made a modification to the logo or a favicon and rebuild the images and start tutor -d (detached).

Other notice is that after running docker image ls -a I found a huge number of images apparently not used, image below :

Is is safe to delete these images and do we need to make a regular maintenance to the server for getting rid of those images that take a big amount of disk space on the server ?

And finally to install an other theme, that we could find on-line (exp. raccoon’s free themes, edx-bootstrap-theme), using tutor do we need to only :
1- Render the theme 2- Build the images 3- start the platform
or there are further steps before?


@SayHi when you get a 500 error you must systematically find the corresponding stacktrace in the logs:

You may run docker image prune to get rid of unused images.

The rendering step is an innovation of the Indigo theme, and will probably not be necessary with other themes that are not easily customisable. Instructions will vary from one to another, but generally the official instructions should work:

@regis Thanks for your time. I have used the same instructions in :

to install three different themes but got errors which may be related to the python 2.7 used in those theme while the Ironwood release uses version 3 I guess.

Could you please point me to a compatible theme (other than indigo) because I have been searching for one week but found only older ones.

Thank you.

@SayHi Are you trying to install this theme? This repo was last updated 3 years ago, and the theme is supposed to be compatible with the Dogwood release, which is woefully updated. Nonetheless, if you would like to install this theme I suggest you open an upstream issue in their repo, as it appears that it has a bug: Incompatible units: 'rem' and 'px'.

Could you please point me to a compatible theme (other than indigo) because I have been searching for one week but found only older ones.

Unfortunately I can’t, because I don’t know one. This is pretty much the reason why we released Indigo: we believe the community sorely needs a good, customizable theme.

Thank you @regis . Yes it’s that theme I was trying to install.

Indigo theme is good and minimalist I have it already installed.

I wanted to try others before focusing on course creation and launching the platform. I think to a presentation home page (WordPress or static html )where the first time visitor gets an idea about the site and then a banner pointing to the platform with indigo theme.

Any suggestions ?

Hi @SayHi & @regis ,
how did you go about changing the logo on Indigo, its kinda impossible on my local instance


Hi @josoga2
Did you manage to get it done?

In case if you or anyone seeing this haven’t managed to change the logo in Indigo or any theme for Open Edx, here is how to do it.

First of all, it is comprehensive theming that Edx is using. Refer Lawrence’s blog to get more details.
Simply, go to the folder


and replace the logo.png with your logo and rebuild the docker image and do the

tutor local quickstart

And that should be done!


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I added explanations to the Indigo repository for anyone else having this question:

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