Import from Opencraft + email template


I tried to import crouses create on Opencraft but there is always an error.

Actually, it creates an empty course I can’t access from studio “Une erreur est survenue sur les serveurs Studio”. Impossible to modify or delete anything.

Any idea ?

Is there a way to edit the templates of emails sent to users ?

Thank you very much in advance !

What is the error log? You can find it by running tutor local logs cms_worker.


Thanks a lot for your (so) quick reply !
Here it is :

@lmeinert Which email templates are you wanting to edit?

You can edit the base email template by using a custom theme. You can see an example of this being done in the Red Theme demo on github here:

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@lmeinert The problem seems to be related to an image file that contains characters with accents:

cms_worker_1_6b535ce36aa2 | [2019-06-20 10:54:13,493: ERROR/MainProcess] Task contentstore.tasks.import_olx[923cb75d-2a8d-42aa-84aa-348604fc5735] raised unexpected: UnicodeDecodeError('ascii', '/Classe inverse\xcc\x81e.png', 15, 16, 'ordinal not in range(128)') 

I suggest you try to modify the section that contains the “Classe inversée.png” file and rename this file to “Classe inversee.png”.

I would be surprised that the import works in your Opencraft platform, but not in Tutor.

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Thank you very much to both of you.

  • I’ll try to install and customize a theme.

  • Concerning the import it finally worked ! Thanks to you, Regis, I discovered the way to access the logs and modified other files like “capture d’écran” before export/import. And… all fine !

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I get something quite similar (I think) when I try to export a course :
'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in position 48: ordinal not in range(128)
Is there a way to “change” codec or bypass this kind of error without renaming files ?

I’m afraid not. As far as I understand, this is an Open edX upstream bug.