I can't access to the open edx plateform

i try to install open edx using tutor on Ubuntu desktop 18.04 (local deployment ,test mode) , when the installation is finished , i type in my browser : http://local.overhang.io to access to lms this message appear : This site can’t be reached
to overcome this issues , i install Apache 2 and when i type : http://local.overhang.io the Apache 2 Ubuntu default page appear

Hello @hadji

Maybe this questions can be answer :slight_smile:

  • Did you installed curl, Docker, docker-compose with necessarily permissions ?
  • Your Ubuntu machine has efficient memory ? (min 5-6GB)
  • All installations migrations has been done without any error ?
  • After installations did you run

docker ps -a

and can you see all running containers?

HI @qali thank you for your help , i reinstall the plateform on ubuntu server 20.04 and it’s work , thank so much again

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