How to write and integrate a custom plugin in tutor

Hello. I am new to tutor and openedx. I managed to fork and do customization on openedx and building my custom images. But I would like integrate my custom app(django+react) leveraging tutor plugins. I’ve checked the source codes for tutor plugins and edx plugins, and yet don’t have a clear idea.
Confusions -

  1. I see for any particular plugin (say notes), there’s a separate source code GitHub - openedx/edx-notes-api: edx-notes-api and a respective tutor plugin written GitHub - overhangio/tutor-notes: Student notes plugin for Tutor. Am I correct in understanding, that if I try to write my own plugin, I need to create a project using edx-cookiecutters/cookiecutter-django-app at master · openedx/edx-cookiecutters · GitHub and also to write a respective tutor plugin for that using GitHub - overhangio/cookiecutter-tutor-plugin: Cookiecutter for tutor plugins ?
  2. I’ve a public repo that hosts the django-app that I’ve created. Would it be sufficient to proceed further with that?
  3. I’ve gone through tutor docs that explains hooks and patches. What I understands hooks have options like filters and actions, depending on my needs, if I try to customize like project settings I can use filter and if I need to execute some callback I can do it with actions. Going through the source codes of existing tutor plugins, I found that patches are written for specific deployment types or am have I incorrectly interpreted that? Names of the patches are pre-defined or any custom name can be given?
  4. I saw tutor docs say, we can install a plugin enable disable that, for that we need to add my plugin to plugins index (3 options are there, but probably if I would like to add src indicating my git repo where I’ll write the tutor plugin). I can write that plugins.yml file on my computer(/path/to/my/local/index/plugins.yml), and add that yml to plugins index by running - tutor plugins index add /path/to/my/local/index. Now the problem here is my tutor aws image isn’t allowing me for options like - (plugins) index . What shall I do?
    Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not sure if I’m going towards the right direction

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