How to migrate a django app into a tutor plugin

Good day! I have a django app that works well on my native installed openedx. The native installed openedx runs smoothly and is working fine with the django app feature.

Now we installed another openedx but instead of being installed as native, we installed it through tutor.
Everything is quite different. The django apps can’t work on the tutor environment, or if there is a way, I hope someone can explain it in detail.

But so far as I’ve read on the Creating a Tutor plugin — Tutor documentation, it is recommended to implement the new feature as plugins. But how am I suppose to do that? Is there a way to add the html, css, and python files that I’ve used in my djangoapp on the new tutor plugin generated by cookiecutter? If there is, can I have a few details of where to start? That would be very much appreciated.