How to include the grade of learners in a certificate template

Hello. The certificate is generated from a template, the template contains the name, course name, date of receipt of the certificate, signatures of teachers. Now you need to add the grade of the listener, for example, John scored 80%, tell me how to write this template?

@nadiastef please help

Hi @Guren, did you see this? 6.4.5. Setting Up Certificates in Studio — Building and Running an edX Course documentation
You really need to describe what you tried before asking what should be done.

Hello. I used the file shared by Nadia Stefanidi when creating the certificate template. I edited it for my organization, the certificate works, it works for the listeners, but I can’t add a grade to this template, I saw in the administration of the LMC that the grade is stored in the Generated Certificate, how to add the output of the final grade to the template, it doesn’t work. ${grade}, ${generatedcertificate(‘grade’)} doesn’t work. If you know, please tell me how to include the display of the final grade in the template code.

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