How to handle many simultaneous connections (peak)?

Hello everyone,

I’ve just launch t3a.large instance on AWS with tutor running today! After setting up, I created a timed exam and let my students, about 70 students, try to submit their answers simultaneously. Some of them can submit their answers and end the exam successfully in time. But most of them cannot :frowning: They told me that it took so much time for system to inform them that their answer was submitted successfully. Some of them see a webpage with unexpected things (like text or code).

I’m not sure if I should scale a server to handle many simultaneous requests like this or not. I’m just a beginner on this thing so any suggestions will be useful for me :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

Your report is consistent with what is currently discussed here: High CPU load on tutor

Please join the conversation on the Open edX upstream forums: Performance issue with Quizzes - Releases - Open edX discussions

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