How to get client id and secret of the open edX instance API?

There’s a wordpress integrator plugin (maintained by edunext) that asks for some API details of hosted open edX. As you see in the image below, in the plugin settings in Wordpress panel, there are two fields pointing to API. Where should I go to extract these values from my open edX? I have installed it by Tutor.

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Hi @perpi ,
You can see all your API documentations, and information on your http://YourDomain/api-docs/ or http://studio.yourdomain/api-docs/ But I’m not sure, may be you’ll find the information you’re looking for ?

My guess is that you’ll need Wordpress available on the same domain, have all your CORS and cookie configurations and feature flags in order and make an oauth2 user which gives the application access to the API.

That’s just a guess tho. Let us know if you find something useful :smiley:

I contacted with the plugin owner and he replied that it is a legacy dedicated plugin to connect to their own service (!

Hi @perpi

Does that mean the plugin is not available for public ?

Did you find any other way to achieve login session awareness between Wordpress & Open edX ?