How to generate a certificate for students?

Hi, I want to set up the certificate. But I got a 500 error when I generated example certificates.

Addition, I can’t view the certificates from the settings.

I have enabled the course certificates in studio and LMS:

I can get this page:

May I ask any setting I missed? Many thanks.

Hi @JayForTutorForum! We need to see the error logs to understand what is going on. Run:

tutor local logs --tail=100 --follow

Then, do the action that triggers the 500 error. The above command should output some logs. Please paste the complete output here.

Hi @regis! Thank you for replying. Finally, I figure out myself.
I add CERTIFICATES_HTML_VIEW’: true in file lms.env.json and cms.env.json.
More info:

By the way, Tutor tool does not enable CERTIFICATES_HTML_VIEW in default. And tutor tool will regenerate the file lms.env.json and cms.env.json every time you run tutor local quickstart.

My solution:
step1: download tutor source code
git clone

step2: edit lms.env.json and cms.env.json

step3: install

pip install -e . (python3 is default)
pip3 install -e . (python2 is default)

Finally if some one want to enable email, he/she can edit file config.yml

remember to install tutor.
Good luck.

Thanks for posting the solution here @JayForTutorForum! I added the CERTIFICATES_HTML_VIEW feature flag to the default env.json files and the fix will be available in the next tutor release (should be v3.6.2).