How to export/import Django admin LMS/CMS settings?

I’m trying to create a fully autotmatic deployment of Tutor edX server in our organization. Is there any way to export/import settings in Django admin LMS/CMS? I am currently dealing with SAML settings: my.edx/admin/third_party_auth/samlproviderconfig/
My plan is to export these settings stored on the existing server and import them into the new server.


Django admin is essentially a UI to modify the data in your MySQL database so exporting your MySQL data and importing it should give you what you need.

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Thank you for information. I was thinking about exporting/importing values in MySQL. Is it safe in terms of Tutor stability with manual changes in DB?
Meanwhile I have found this article, but do not know, if it is possible to enable/install in Tutor and if it is worth the effort: Django import / export — django-import-export 2.5.1.dev0 documentation. This library looks perfect. It seems like I could then export/import any settings without needing to know the database itself.

I’m not sure I understand what problem you are trying to solve.

If you are looking for simple db export/import you can already do it (here).

If you’re not comfortable with running shell commands with MySQL you can look at a django app but I haven’t used that one myself so I can’t really speak on it.

It is not big problem, I have just bad experince from history with inserting something directly in database which is using non-trivial application. Using dump is sufficient for me.

Just the bash at link you mentioned for MySQL does not work with copy/paste from web browser. Need small fix:

And thank you for suggestion. :slight_smile:

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