How to enable microsites in tutor maple version?

name: microsites
version: 0.1.0
   common-env-features: |
        "USE_MICROSITES": true

microsites.yml file.

lms.maple.[hostname].com, cms.maple.[hostname].com

How to create another lms with lms2.maple.[hostname].com ?

Any suggestions.

And then do something in /admin to create subdomain (maybe in Sites section create site or domain, dont remember clearly)

@eazaika @regis Added "USE_MICROSITES": true in lms.env.json. added them in /admin site configurations. am i missing anything??

@vamsi-kundla Do not directly edit lms.env.json. Please read: Concepts — Tutor documentation

Hi @regis Thank you for the reply, I enabled the microsites and it is working but i had to directly edit the Caddyfile and add the lms2 url. Is there any patch categories to add in caddyfile or any other way to include them?

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