How to deploy tutor on a remote Kubernates service

I requested a trial Kubernetes service. It’s from a local provider in my country.
So far I received a config file.
I replaced ~/.kube/config in my local machine with that file.
I run a few kubectl commands and didn’t get errors, so I assumed that the config was right.

I wonder what to do next.
I have read the basic tutorial from kubenetes and understood the basic concept of it. I also successfully deployed tutor on my local machine using minikube.

I assumed that when I replace ~/.kube/config with the remote kubernetes config the kubectl will run on the remote machine. But when I run tutor k8s quickstart
I got error “timed out waiting for the condition on pods/caddy-xxx”. I run “tutor k8s start caddy” before quickstart command.

I run kubectl describe pod caddy-xxx

Please help me with steps to deploy tutor on a remote kubenetes service.

I use grove for the first time apply.

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