How to create a verified course enrollment track?

Hi all, I want to create a verified user with tutor. Unfortunately, I can’t find any hints for this.

Thanks a lot for any help.

Hi @JayForTutorForum! What about ?

Hi @regis! Thank you for the information.

Actually, I want to test certificate. I need a user who is verified because the default is audit.
The audit user can not receive a certificate automatically after finishing the course.
According to

Do you know how to add a paid or verified user to mysql? Thanks again.

Right! What you want to do is to create a verified course enrollment track. I believe you should go to http://localhost/admin/student/courseaccessrole/ to setup the right track. If not, please ask this question on the official Open edX forums:

Hello @JayForTutorForum

Did you figure out where to do that?
Well, I think I have.

Here is it.

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