How to change reset password email template..?

Hii I am using tutor 10.2.2 and unable to change email template…
I tried overwriting lms/templates/ace_common/edx_ace/common/base_body.html
But that is unable to render and exist with error jinja2.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError: Encountered unknown tag ‘load’.

We ran into this issue last week - noticed that Tutor uses a template engine and was trying to process the OpenEDX templated information as part of the build of the theme.

The solution we used (I am not saying its correct :slight_smile: ) was to wrap the templated content in a raw block. Tutor removes the raw blog when it’s building the theme and the content are then processed by openedx:

{% raw %}


{% endraw %}

It compiled for us and checked the containers the content of the file were what we were expecting - more importantly it worked.

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This solution needs to be made more obvious! We’ve been searching for this fix for too long. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile: