How to add new features like django apps in tutor?

Good day! Before I begin, you may wonder that there is already an existing topic here regarding this matter related to this. But it has been closed already and if you would ask me regarding my knowledge, I am a complete beginner. I am not even finished on my course in python django. Maybe by this way, all of you could figure out how low my programming skills were HAHA

Anyway, how do I add a django app to Tutor?
I saw an instruction before in a native installation to perform the following:

To Install:

  1. Install with pip install -e . within this folder within the edx platform virtual environment.
  2. Add “name_of_repository” to the “ADDL_INSTALLED_APPS” array in lms.env.json (you may have to create it if it doesn’t exist.)
  3. Run migrations.
  4. Start/restart the LMS.

Templates Directory

Add this to envs.common:

TEMPLATES_DIR = { … OPENEDX_ROOT / ‘features’ / ‘name_of_repository’ / ‘templates’, }


urlpatterns += [ url(r’', include(‘name_of_repository_pages.urls’)), ]

but it seems quite difficult to trace here in tutor. I have read the tutor docs but I am confused because as I have said, I am a complete beginner.

Please help me. I don’t know how to include a feature on our newly running openedx-tutor instance.

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