How to add learners as Honor mode by default

By default learners are added as audit and certificate is not available for audit mode…
I would like to add learners as honor mode by default or any other way to change user to Honor mode??
Add learners as Honor Mode while adding from bash
tutor local createuser xxx xxx…

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We got it done by following this guide

I am just getting my head around using the plugins to make changes to the config files. I created plugin today to set the default enrollment to honor, following the docs and using the config variables recommended by @tuananh-pham.

If the plugin directory does not exist make it

$ mkdir “$(tutor plugins printroot)”

Create your .yml plugin

$ vim set_default_enrollement.yml

With the following content

name: set_default_enrollment
version: 0.1.0
 lms-env: |
    "name": "Honor",
    "slug": "honor",
    "bulk_sku": null,
    "currency": "eur",
    "description": null,
    "expiration_datetime": null,
    "min_price": 0,
    "sku": null,
    "suggested_prices": ""

Check your plugin is in the list

$ tutor plugins list

Enable the plugin

$ tutor plugins enable set_default_enrollment
$ tutor config save

Restart your platform

$ tutor local quickstart

or just the lms

$ tutor local exec lms reload-gunicorn