How do you edit html file of the edx platform

Hi Folks,
I just wanted to know how do you edit or make changes in the HTML file in the edx platform directory.
For example, if I need to change some heading in the dashboard.html file how do you see the changes reflected in your server.
I’m currently using the INDIGO theme and also I want to extend a few of the core files and not change them.
I’m using TUTOR for production and local development.
Thanks in advance!

Sorry! but I’m having the same question. Did you find out how to do it?

Yes, @Veronica !!

I may not say it’s the best solution but it does the job for me.

  1. Point to a local edx-platform

Mount from the volumes/ directory

tutor dev bindmount lms /openedx/edx-platform tutor
dev runserver --volume=/openedx/edx-platform lms

  1. This creates a local directory of the edx platform in your local
    tutor > volumes > edx-paltform

  2. Inside the edx-platform there are all the files for the edx-platform. The file which is needed to be modified is then should be overridden and copied to the Tutor > env > built > opened > themes > your theme > LMS > templates. Here you need to paste the file you copied from edx-platform so that it can be overridden and then modified. Make sure that everyfile you modify, have exactly the same folder structure as in the edx-platform repo,

  3. you again have to built opened docker image
    tutor images build opened-dev

  4. Your changes can be reflected and can be seen.

PS: Every time you make some changes in the same file you don’t have to create the image( point 4 ), you just have saved the file and reload the page, But If you are overriding any new file to the theme you have to build the image.

Thank you, @nik1906 <3

Sorry to bother you, but I’m having problems pointing to the local platform since I pulled the image from my docker hub. I don’t know if you could specify this part a bit more.

Again, I appreciate your help, thanks!!

were you able to find the edx-platform directory in your local ??
it should be inside your tutor directory > volumes > openedx > edx-platform

please refer to the docs! I think they have explained it quite well
Open edX development — Tutor documentation.