How can you help?

Do you like Tutor? Would you like to help us improve it? Here are a couple things you can do:

  • Star the project on Github.
  • Answer other people’s questions in this forum: I’m currently spending a lot of time answering questions that are covered in the documentation. If you have experience with Tutor, please don’t be afraid to step in the conversation and provide answers.
  • Report documentation errors and typos: I’m not a native English speaker, so please do not hesitate to suggest even basic changes. To do so, simply open an issue on Github, describe your proposed changes, and add the “documentation” tag.
  • Keep reporting bugs, but don’t forget to follow the troubleshooting guide first :wink:
  • Show your appreciation by sending me a private message with a testimonal that will be displayed on the official documentation :pray:
  • Would you like to financially support the project? We are currently in the process of setting up commercial subscriptions that will provide online support and advanced features. Meanwhile, you can simply launch an AWS instance with the Tutor AMI ($50/month) or pick something I like from my Amazon wishlist :gift:

Thanks a lot!

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