How can I completely uninstall tutor?


I tried several times to do a quickinstall on a mac mini 2018 running Mojave but was unsuccessful. Before asking question about the errors I get, I would like to uninstall and reset everything and try again with a ‘fresh’ system. How can I achieve that? Thanks.

Hi @marcello3000! Completely uninstalling tutor is easy enough.

First of all, make sure that you don’t have any Open edX platform running:

tutor local stop
tutor dev stop

At this point the output of docker ps should be empty. If t isn’t, then you may need to stop the containers individually with docker stop.

Remove the data associated to your platform:

sudo rm -rf "$(tutor config printroot)"

You can also uninstall Tutor. Depending on how you installed it, you may have to run:

pip uninstall tutor-openedx


sudo rm "$(which tutor)"

That’s it!