Help needed from Android mobile developers!

Hi all :wave: ! The Android app that ships with Tutor is broken. To reproduce, do the following:

  • Deploy an Open edX platform with the latest version of Tutor (v3.12.3)
  • Import the demo course (tutor local importdemocourse)
  • Build the app with tutor images build android && tutor android build debug
  • Install the generated apk on an Android phone
  • Login the app
  • Click on the demo course: this crashes the app, without making any call to the server.

You can reproduce this very easily by downloading the application directly from the demo Open edX platform:

I need your help to resolve this! I’m not very strong with mobile Android development and I have very little time to allocate to this right now, as I am working on the Juniper upgrade for the Open edX release working group.

I’ll be happy to answer any question related to this problem. Please post your questions below or send me a personal message.

Thank you very much!

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Here is the corresponding issue:

If you help us resolve this issue, we will add your (or your company’s) name to the Changelog with a big thank you note :bowing_man:

Pinging @ejklock because you seem to know what you are doing with the Android app :wink:

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I hope I can help!

However, I use a different environment to compile the application code.

Currently use in Windows environment using Android Studio

I will need to work in the same environment as the script that generates the application.

But beforehand I say that I generated the apk for my colleagues at my University and they said that everything worked normally.

Maybe it is something with sdk version or some dependency.

I will try to raise the same environment to test



@ejklock any progress? can I help in any way?

Hi @regis!

I made some local changes so that the android container environment can get the code for edx-app-android from my repository. Everything compiles normally but the generated apk does not contain my modifications.

I had to add this manually because the commands on that link

tutor images build \
 --build-arg ANDROID_APP_VERSION=master

Had no effect on my case

But I tested the apk generated by the tutor and installed it on the android emulator and the application started and logged on my platform.

Any tips on how to make the script build the code that is in my repository?

The “android” argument is missing from the build command:

tutor images build \
 --build-arg ANDROID_APP_VERSION=master \

I’ll fix the docs. Can you share with us your custom repo and branch?

I send to you on private message


This is now resolved in v3.12.5 \o/ Thanks @ejklock!