Gradebook mfe does not upgrade grades

Tutor version 13.1.0


I’m testing the new mfe gradebook and it doesn’t update the grades both here and in the download report. I have waited up to an hour and there is no change

No errors are seen in the lms logs when changing grades

I have already been able to solve the problem and it is to activate the following thi guide:

But remembering I had read that persistent grade had some problems I found this:


So what would be the ideal solution?

@regis and @nedbat

Thanks for your investigation @sbernesto! Indeed, I can confirm that enabling persistent grades fixes the issue. It appears that the flag was slated for deprecation in Maple, but that they slipped the deadline: [DEPR-152] Remove Persistent Course Grades Flags - JIRA
I was convinced that persistent grades was already enabled for all courses in Tutor. I guess we could enable the flag – but then we would have to also run that backfill job.
I guess it’s probably safer to wait for the actual deprecation process to be completed…

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