Flow-control Xblock component not showing

I have followed the tutor documentation regarding installation of xblocks and was able to successfully install the flow-control xblock by edunext, and afterwards rebuilt the image. Afterwards I have added flow-control to the advanced module list, however the component option is now showing.

I am using tutor v13.1.5

Can anyone please advise me how to resolve this?

Most of the time, the problem comes from the fact that the xblock module cannot be imported successfully, and that’s usually comes from the fact that the xblock is not up-to-date with the latest release. You can verify that by running:

$ tutor local run lms ./manage.py lms shell
import flow_control.flow

Given the fact that the xblock was last updated in October 2020, it’s unlikely that it’s compatible with Maple. I would encourage you to get in touch with the xblock authors.

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