Error: No such command 'ui'

I launched a brand new 12.0.2 Tutor instance via the official/paid marketplace AMI. As soon as I go to access the admin interface I get…

Error: No such command 'ui'.

Then “connection closed”. Seems like maybe a package got left out of the v12 AMI? How do I fix this?

Hi @RickG! Sorry about my lack of response, as I was on holidays. We just released v12.0.3, which comes with version 12.0.1 of the webui plugin and which should address your issue. The corresponding AMI will be created in the next couple hours (depending on how fast AWS staff is processing the request). You can either launch a new EC2 instance with the new image or upgrade manually by connecting to the server (with ssh) and running:

curl | bash -

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