Enable Video Upload on CMS

How is the properly way to enable this open edx feature?

On django admin has this setting


I enabled and on studio the section appears


But when i try do access them


Is necessary another more some step?

I have minio enabled on tutor plugins

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Hi @ejklock!
I have tried long and hard to enable video uploads from the studio (see for instance https://github.com/edx/edx-platform/pull/22080). Unfortunately, I did not succeed yet. The reason is that edx-platform relies on an outdated, badly configured boto library for interfacing with S3 (or in our case, MinIO). Basically, edX.org is using the only S3 region (us-east-1) which does not require SigV4 authentication. For all other regions (including MinIO emulation), SigV4 is required.

So this is not really a tutor bug, but more of an issue with how edx-platform works. A workaround is to upload videos to MinIO, and then add the link to the video in the studio. This is not very user-friendly for course staff, but it works.

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Thanks for reply!

hoping that right