Elasticsearch Service on Tutor

We are trying to debug the discovery search api results and need to get to ElasticSearch to get to the bottom of things.

In an Open edX Native installation, the elasticSearch service is accessible in 9200 port. i.e., we can check the service status at http://servername:9200. However, in tutor installation the same does not work. The aboe URL is not reachable.

We couldnt find any documentation in this regard. Can you please provide an alternative of how to access the running elasticSearch service in the tutor installation? (we are trying to configure Kibana and it assumes the elasticSearch service is accessible at the 9200 port on the host server).


The elasticsearch container does not expose its 9200 port, for security reasons. You can expose this port by creating a docker-compose.override.yml file.


Thanks here’s the exact entry we made in docker-compose.override.yml to get this to work

version: "3.7"
         - "9200:9200"