Edx app android can't open course content

I have a problem with the android app. I can access course’s videos but text and quiz returns me a 404 not found error.
I didn’t have this problem on native installation. So i debugged the app.
I discovered that that this url and view

    # OAuth token exchange
    if settings.FEATURES.get('ENABLE_OAUTH2_PROVIDER'):
    urlpatterns += [

use dot_models (Django Oauth Toolkit) to validate the user, but in the database the tokens are located at /admin/oauth2/accesstoken/ not at /admin/oauth2_provider/accesstoken/.

But i have ENABLE_OAUTH2_PROVIDER enabled.
what is going wrong ?

Hi @jefcolbi! Are you using the Android app built with Tutor?

No i built it myself. The problem is not related to the android app but to the open edx platform.

I forked the edx-platform repository and applied few changes. but when i try to rebuild the tutor openedx images with my repo then it fails if i specify to do it from master. but when i leave the default ironwood2 then it succeed. but by succeeding it doesn’t get my changes.

so i get into the running tutor image then installed, vim and edited the failing module. i then commited the changes and restarted with tutor local stop && tutor local start

The issue is solved but it is not very good.

Now my installation is not very fast when loading. i have cloud hosting with 4vCPU and 16GB of RAM. how could i do to have a better loading ?


Hello !
I have a similar problem with android and IOS apps, compiled from edx’s git, when accessing a course it freezes on IOS and gives a network error on Android.
The problem appears to be on the link mydomain.com/api/course_experience/v1/course_deadlines_info/course-v1:ID-+ID-001+2021-2 who returns a 404 error
Using the same app with a native installation works fine and the same URI works

Tutor’s installation is deployed on k8s

All features and flags are the same on both installations.

Any clues how to resolve this ?

Hi @a.bennani! Please don’t respond to old topics (more than 1 year old) – your issue looks different, as you encounter problems with different urls. In such cases you should create a new dedicated topic.

I guess the first step to troubleshoot your issue is to attempt to open the “course_deadlines_info” url in a browser to check if it works. On the demo site, while I was logged-in with a staff account, I got a successful 200 response: https://demo.openedx.overhang.io/api/course_experience/v1/course_deadlines_info/course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course

Hello @regis
Sorry for posting in here, should i open a new topic ?
Already tried opening in browser, for the k8s deployment we get a 404 not found, but on the native installation we have a 200 response.
Thanks !