Edx app android can't open course content

I have a problem with the android app. I can access course’s videos but text and quiz returns me a 404 not found error.
I didn’t have this problem on native installation. So i debugged the app.
I discovered that that this url and view

    # OAuth token exchange
    if settings.FEATURES.get('ENABLE_OAUTH2_PROVIDER'):
    urlpatterns += [

use dot_models (Django Oauth Toolkit) to validate the user, but in the database the tokens are located at /admin/oauth2/accesstoken/ not at /admin/oauth2_provider/accesstoken/.

But i have ENABLE_OAUTH2_PROVIDER enabled.
what is going wrong ?

Hi @jefcolbi! Are you using the Android app built with Tutor?

No i built it myself. The problem is not related to the android app but to the open edx platform.

I forked the edx-platform repository and applied few changes. but when i try to rebuild the tutor openedx images with my repo then it fails if i specify to do it from master. but when i leave the default ironwood2 then it succeed. but by succeeding it doesn’t get my changes.

so i get into the running tutor image then installed, vim and edited the failing module. i then commited the changes and restarted with tutor local stop && tutor local start

The issue is solved but it is not very good.

Now my installation is not very fast when loading. i have cloud hosting with 4vCPU and 16GB of RAM. how could i do to have a better loading ?