Ecommerce is returning blank page for new enrollment

I have setup a demo professional course, and upon clicking the enroll button, it is expected to take me to the ecommerce payment page, but it is returning blank page for new enrollments. The Oscar dashboard and the ecommerce administration sites are working. Only the student enrollment page is blank

Hi, there are several reasons why you are seeing that page, most probably is ecommerce service configuration or product setup in ecommerce page.

In fact, the page that you see (when is says “Not found”) is when a user arrives to the ecommerce logged in but not to buy a specific product.

Is really hard to help with this limited information, this can be related (at least) with:

a) ecommerce service setup (how lms, discovery and ecommerce interact)
b) course product setup:

If you provide more info, it will be easier to help :wink:


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Thanks, @cacciaresi I was able to resolve it. I was using this new payment solution from my country, so I had to setup the variables specific for it to work.

Great! Good to know that now is working :wink:

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