Duplicate openedX keys generated with tutor plugins

Hi openedx/tutor community. I’m new to openedx and tutor.
When i want to change a django settings in development.py file with tutor plugins , after saving with tutor config save i have two values with same key. i don’t know how to resolve my issue.
plugin content:

    ("openedx-common-settings" ,'MEDIA_ROOT="/nfs"')

based on tutor source code , MEDIA_ROOT variable declared in apps/openedx/settings/partials/common_all.py and corresponding template patch is openedx-common-settings but after generating templates I have two MEDIA_ROOT defined in env/apps/openedx/settings/lms/development.py file .


  • I also read same topics but it doesn’t fit my needs. same-topic
  • using legacy yaml plugin files also produce this bug.
  • MEDIA_ROOT is an example. modifying variables in this way produces two of them in files.