Discovery API no courses

I have a small problem with discovery api.
I can run the indexing with

But when i go this request i don’t get any result

But in the admin i have a the list of courses

How to fix ?

Hi @jefcolbi,
Can you please check that your course runs are not hidden? The “hidden” checkbox should be unchecked in e.g:

As you can see it is not

I managed to reproduce the issue and I’m currently investigating this.

I am waiting for the answer thanks.

@jefcolbi I fail to reproduce the issue anymore. I cannot debug this further, as I have made yet unreleased changes to tutor and the discovery plugin. Thus, it’s difficult for me to reproduce the exact circumstances of your own bug. Also, there are other things I need to be focussing on right now.

Sorry about that :-/ I suggest you attempt to run quickstart again; if that does not solve the problem, then you should keep an eye on coming tutor and plugin releases. If you really must debug this right away, I suggest you subscribe to an LTS license: