DisallowedHost at /login on lms-dev

Hi all, I’ve had this happen to me previously, but can’t recall how it was fixed. I am able to access both the LMS and CMS site when running tutor local start, however as soon as I run tutor dev runserver cms or tutor dev runserver lms I am unable to access the LMS site and receive the following error:

DisallowedHost at /login: Invalid HTTP_HOST header: 'local.overhang.io:8000'. You may need to add 'local.overhang.io' to ALLOWED_HOSTS. 

I haven’t made any changes to the config files except for the docker-compose override file to develop locally. Has anyone experienced this issue?

Tutor 11.2.0
Openedx: open-release/koa.2
OS: Mac

This error should not be occurring. Does it still occur when you remove your changes from the docker-compose override file?

Hi @regis, thanks for following up! Restarting the computer mysteriously fixed the issue without changing the docker-compose override file :upside_down_face: . My coworker who built the same forked image and everything on ubuntu wasn’t experiencing this issue.