Deploying new themes in k8s

Can I get a bit of a clearer explanation of how to get a new theme deployed out to kubernetes? I have followed the instructions for 11.0.5 and setup a k8s prod deployment and I can develop the theme locally. When I build and push openedx and openedx-dev to my custom repo - even if I restart the full cluster I don’t get the latest image in my pod. It’s the right tag but not the right version of the image, and doesn’t contain the new theme. I’m using Amazon’s container store. What are the recommended steps once I like my local theme to get it deployed easily?

I think the issue I am hitting here is that kubernetes nodes are not pulling down the latest image if one with the same tag (11.0.5) already exists on the server. i solved this by setting the imagePullPolicy on the container spec so that the node always gets a new image.