Deploying Kubernetes without certain services

I am trying to deploy a Kubernetes cluster with only specific services. I would like to use Aurora Serverless for RDS but am having some challenges. I do have two problems:

  1. It seems to be deploying all services even if I have set ACTIVATE_<<Services>> to false.

I have updated my config file with the following:


I have set the variables:


However when I look at my Kube files I see there are configs still for MySQL. When I try to deploy:

tutor k8s quickstart

It no longer pasuses to wait for the mysql instance to come up, it now waits for elasticsearch but when I check my pod I have:

mysql-58988568c7-kbr6p 1/1 Running 0 2m51s

Is this the expected behaviour?

  1. Persistent storage - is there an easy way to set persistent storage into a n s3 bucket?

I am trying to deploy with AWS Fargate but it doesn’t allow pesistent storage which is problematic.

Hi @andy-thomas-83! This is an excellent question. Indeed, there is a mysql deployment running in the namespace, and that is expected even though you disabled mysql. That deployment does not run a mysql database. It is only used as a mysql client to run init jobs. To do so, we exec to the mysql pod and run commands there.

This is very much a ugly hack, and I’m not happy with it. I hope to release soon a new version that will run real kubernetes jobs instead of exec-ing to the running pods. However, I find it difficult to achieve this in a clean way, so I’m still in the investigation process.

EDIT: Tutor now runs K8s jobs and no longer execs into running pods.