Deploying custom theme changes in production

Hi, i am using a custom theme. Every time i make any changes, i am building the image again(tutor images build openedx). Is there any way to do it without building the image again?

Thank you


you require to install a development instance

Hello @sbernesto, thanks for the response.
I have followed the same while developing it, but not for production.
Im not sure if that’s an ideal way to do it in productions.
It would be really helpful if you can please share some more info.

I use a development instance, either to make a theme or changes to it and then I only apply them to the production instance, since the lms image has to be rebuilt, you just won’t have access to the lms while you restart the container


Got it, thanks for sharing it.
Have another doubt here. While the image is re-building, the platform goes down. Is it obvious?

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