Customizing Tutor cairn

I am planning to buy tutor cairn but got some queries before i purchase the license.

  1. Are the source codes of plugin customizable as wanted to do following things:
    1.1 : SSO by staff users from lms and instead of creating each cairn user and restricting them by org id or course id get it filtered automatically the courses they have access to in lms
    1.2 : Customize it for enterprise user, so when they login to cairn by the same credentials they login to lms, they have analytics of their learners


Hi! The source code of Cairn will be available once you download the product. You will not have access to the source repo but if necessary we can talk about it.
Cairn uses Superset for the frontend ( so if you can enable SSO for Superset then it will work for Cairn.
Feature 1.2 is available out of the box with Cairn. See “Data-based access control” in the readme: Overhang.IO | Tutor Plugins - cairn

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hi @regis! Thanks for the reply.

I saw the doc and would love to clarify following:

  1. Most of your users should probably not have access to all data from all courses. To restrict a given user to one or more courses or organizations, select the course IDs and/or organization IDS to which the user should have access and create a user with limited access to the datalake:
    tutor local run cairn-clickhouse cairn createuser --course-id='course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course' --org-id='edX' YOURUSERNAME

so it means that any user logging to superset frontend he/she will see the same set of courses he has access to inside lms and we need to run above command only if we intend to restrict him/her for selected courses out of that set of allowed courses else command is totally unnecessary?

  1. Then, create the corresponding user on the frontend with the same command as above (but without the --admin option):

tutor local run cairn-superset cairn createuser YOURUSERNAME YOURUSERNAME@YOUREMAIL.COM

I saw this before and above question is based on this only. We set up our openedx with tutor and experimenting with enterprise-edx. My question is once the staff member is enterprise user and he has his own learners and course catalog, he should signin inside superset frontend with same login credentials what he uses for lms and see the metrics for courses and user he has access to. As above step feels like manually we have to provide login to them.

I would love to talk to you for any further possibilities regarding customization. Looking forward !!

Not exactly. You can create as many users as you want in Cairn, and each of them can have different data access permissions. But these users are totally unrelated to your LMS users. I did not have time to implement SSO Cairn, but I believe it’s totally doable.

Unfortunately, for now that user creation step must be done manually (or with a script) for every LMS user.

Please send me a personal message and we can arrange a meeting :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @regis !

We are in a process to test all the openedx necessary features and converting that into tutor plugin. Within couple weeks once we finish with edx i would love to connect with you for this analytics thing as it was wastage of time to pack edx analytics in to tutor plugin due to lot of fragments inside it and it is based on scheduler. So excited about cairn and would love to see how to implement the same!

Also saw ur post for summer holiday at mountains; being orophile too i love mountains and has scaled severed 6000 meters peak. You should definitely try Nepal! One love!

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