Customizing MFE with custom header/footer component

It looks like people are customizing the header and footer of some MFEs by installing forked version of the header/footer in their MFEs.

I was wondering where are the MFEs installed in tutor, and where is it that we can run the following step:

npm install  '@edx/frontend-component-header@git+'

Hi @sumanchapai! I don’t have much experience with MFE customization, so I wouldn’t be able to give you clear instructions on how to customize the footer/header. What I can tell you is that the MFEs that come bundled in the tutor-mfe plugin are stored as pre-compiled assets in the /openedx/dist//MFE-NAME folder.

How would I delete those pre-compiled assets after uninstalling the mfe plugin then? Or would there be no need to? How will this be handled?

Thanks @regis

I honestly have no idea.

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