Customising nginx (either as a proxy or as docker)

Hi to all!

we want to customise some nginx features, for instance max connection number, keepalive timeouts and so on in order to increase concurrent user in nginx (ie. LMS/CMS) (and with eventual aim to scale up things).

Is this possible and how? (I mean which are the relevant files that should be customised and so on)

thanks in advance

Emmanuel Galatoulas

You would do this in the Nginx config, which is located in $(tutor config printroot)/env/apps/nginx. Configurations like this are not documented within Tutor as they have more to do with Nginx than Tutor. Further changes may require using a custom Nginx docker image.

LMS and CMS-specific configuration templates don’t include any specific {{ patch(...) }} directives for customisation. Tutor also uses the _tutor.conf configuration file, but this file does not include any patch statement either. If you need to, patch entrypoints can be added to these files – we just need to know which ones, and where.