Custom SSL using GoDaddy and NetScaler VPX

I’m having a terrible time getting our GoDaddy certificate to work with Tutor v13.1.0, using only Caddy.
(We don’t want to use the NGINX/Let’s Encrypt configuration). Our SSL terminates at the Netscaler VPX, but even though it sees port 443 open from the server, it is not performing the SSL handshake.

I’ve seen several posts where folks have asked similar questions where the problem was resolved, but how did you fix it? Was it a docker/caddy configuration change that needed to be made or was it a change on your reverse proxy that did it?

Hi @swinfield

First off as a disclaimer, I’m not claiming that this is the best or most supported method but it is a way I managed to get my letsencrypt certs to work (in my current environment I do letsencrypt certbot directly on my host server and then mount the certs into my docker container for Caddy. Should work for your GoDaddy certs too

Check the tutorial I posted here : Custom SSL/TLS certs

Hi @swinfield! The gist of the solution is described here: Running Open edX behind a web proxy — Tutor documentation
Basically, you should set ENABLE_HTTPS=true, ENABLE_WEB_PROXY=false, and then forward all traffic from your Netscaler VPX to the Caddy container, on the port given by CADDY_HTTP_PORT.

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