Custom settings


I am trying to get some custom settings for the tutor deployment, but they seem that they are not taken into consideration.

I am not sure about the second step from here

  1. Load your settings by adding EDX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS=tutor.mysettings to $(tutor config printroot)/env/local/.env .

That is actually a file that I should create titled .env , right?

Afterwards, after restarting, I go inside the platform container and run ./ cms diffsettings --all to check what settings are configured.

Any ideas where I might be doing something wrong?


Hi @Mallfurion!

Yes, exactly.

How do you do that? Do you use tutor local or tutor dev? Depending on whether you use run or exec, your settings might not be automatically picket up. What is the output of echo $DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE?