Custom Microsites on a single instance

I am working on custom Microsites. Until now, I got success in rendering the microsite main page as well as all the redirections that redirect the user from the Microsite dashboard page to mfe microsite page. As there is a build running in a tutor for each mfe application and the build contains all the main site URLs. Due to this, when I access the progress tab, it takes me to the main site progress page, not the microsite one.

Main domain:
https: []

Microsite Domain:
https: []
MFE Domain: (working) (Internal Urls are not pointing to the Microsite Domain)

I have created a build from the mfe application and tried to connect the dist(build) with the microsite domain from the mfe plugin CaddyFile. Moreover, CaddyFile listens 8002 port for mfe application. I opened another port 8004 and modified the mfe name, so when it hits the microsite domain, it will communicate with 8004 port so the desired dist will be called at the runtime. This was my assumption. After the implementation, it refuse to connect with that port. Can anyone help me with how can we compile multiple builds of the micro frontend applications with the appropriate site domain?

@regis Can you please help me out on this issue?

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